Animal Eyes


I used to fall asleep to the radio,

now I fall asleep to the waves

that break, yeah they break.


Dreams fall back to the wonder that I,

used always want to create.

A place, that I made.


I’ve been drifting for way too long to pretend.

That I even know where this goes or where it ends.

My minds open, with animals eyes I can unplug all the wires,

and break through the mold of modern man.

Find a movement without the strings of a puppet.


Thoughts unravel as I let go of what I take.

My minds open, I left the cycles of mistakes.

The tide is rising, I’ll make a fire for the moon’s sake.

The clouds are clearing, opening skies seem to reveal

constellations that point me towards myself.



Make for the Break


I’ll set my sail through the straights to be

alone in the narrows.


I’ll fight my way thru the break of dawn,

the tides they will echo.


I’ll make a break for the waves that draw

me into a wash-out.


I’ll take my thoughts off the grid and out,

into the unknown.


Pieces, they fall into place, in time

completing a puzzle.


Make for the break,

if the weather obeys,

get lost in the blue.


Anchor goes down I will stay,

long enough to keep my doubts at bay

and resolve all the questions that cloud my mind.


I’ll make amends if the weather obeys,

on to a clear mind.


I’ll make my mark on the sea that drowns

the pain of my sorrows.


I’ll soak the sun up as rays of hope,

refracting the shallows.


I’ll find a depth that I can’t do without,

ringing with meaning.


Full steam ahead to a future that holds

the past as it unfolds.



Sand Dollar Dreams


Sometimes I want to get lost, pull the plug on the thing.

All these buttons add up, I want to find my own way.

I can’t tell the satellites from the stars.


The sand is littered with hope, it’s just a day trip away.

It’s time to get up and go and get away for the day.

I hope that I can change the tide like the moon.


I’ll take myself to the beach and get rich off the land

Sand dollar dreams from my lifted head,

you know that I try not to cry from the blue.


I’ll take the stars in my eyes and let go

of all the things that I don’t need.

The tide provides change,

with sand dollar dreams.


I’ll take the stars in my eyes and let go

of all the things that I don’t need.

I’ll cut the strings,

with sand dollar dreams.


I’ll keep my feet on the ground, you’ll keep your head in the sand.

I’ve gotta get out of town and get away from the man.

Get off the clock and try to stop all that running in place.


If I ever get lost, I feel the draw of the waves.

All those buildings and roads can go their own way.

Take 101 until it’s done and say goodbye to the man.


I’ll follow lines in the skies that connect to the sea.

I’ll take the stars in my eyes over any city.

Turn out the lights and get right with the moon.





Through the trails and ravines,

crashing down.

Looking out on the range,

from the mountain.


Forming mirrors that bend.


The forest is alive

with the sound

of the river below,

the wind in the trees.


Forming mirrors that bend.

Water crashing down.


Here you can breathe.

Breathe, and see.


Over mountain tops

high above,

your head in the clouds,

your feet on the ground.


Forming mirrors that bend.


Flowing waterfalls

you’ll walk through.

Sights unknown,

into the blue.


Forming mirrors that bend.

Water crashing down.



In the Woods


I’ll never be

a part of this all-knowing scene.

It’s not for me.

I’d rather be far, far away.

Just off the grid,

away from the branding of souls.

I’d like to live

off of the land for a spell.


Here in the woods

you’d be lucky to know

where to go when the sun goes down.

Here in the woods.


Maybe the moon

will provide you the light

that you need to find yourself.

Here in the woods.


Under the moon ,

seasons they come and they go.

Here I belong

I’d rather get lost, lost in the woods.

Time passes by,

thoughts the return to the mountain.

Eclipse the fog,

look for your light to break through.



Lost Landscape

The sun goes down 

The moon makes it's rounds. 

The stars they provide us a map 

over mesas and dunes 

Desert roses bloom. 

The sun goes down 

The moon makes it's rounds. 

The sun's a golden gun aiming down 

at the heart and souls of these old ghost towns.

Tumble weeds roam on the range, 

We all keep eyes on the birds of prey, 

rain gods approve of the way they pray. 

The moon goes down.

The sun makes it's rounds.

Clouds drift above silhouettes 

as the sun burst thru. 

If the rain gods only knew.

The moon goes down.

The sun makes it's rounds.

The moons a crescent dream that awakes 

the push and pull of a lost landscape.

Restless souls stir in the night. 

A tethered thirst of a dream holds tight,

as sun beams make light of the weathered seams.  





Bleeding Colors


Echoes ring through the canyons

and carry on as afterthoughts.

Pastels bleed into colors

that collect time from past lives.

Here you can count on the weather.

The sun provides for you and I.


Drifting through dreams

to see what tomorrow brings.


Day fades in to the night.

I’m waiting for dreams to arrive.


I’ve been reading the lines

that the stars provide in the night.

Patterns dousing the sky with

a storybook from past lives.

So now, you can rest easy.

An hourglass sifts through time.



New Plastic


Away from the lights of the city, you’ll see stars.

Joshua trees harvest moon beams all the while.

Juniper smoke drifts through the valleys that sit still,

quietly waiting as minutes turn into years.


Waiting for the sun

to show the way.


Back in the old days

they still had new ways.

Endlessly circling the sun.


The bother with these days

are infinite highways,

too many forks in the road.


Lead you to nothing,

but searching for something.

The journey is what you become.


Following footsteps,

sidestepping regrets,

forging a path of your own.



Rose City


Here, under endless lights

our heart beats to keep the pace.

All these bridges line the books

that cities write.

Street lights,

first times,

last times,

it takes all kinds.


Sun up above it brings light on the minds

of the heart and the souls of the stories they bind

us all to read

into a city dream.

Stars up above they form lines that ignite.

Explode into colors and saturate signs

that always lead 

to a Rose City Dream.


Here, under ocean lines,

a sea of people making waves.

All these world blues rise above the hidden shame.

The game,

who knows,


true love, cheap thrills.



Infinite Highways


I went to the ocean

to see the waves break.

And back thru the mountains

to get lost for a day.

Found hope in the desert,

a gift from the sun.

And on to the city

that connected us.


We went to the ocean

to find our sea legs

To walk thru the woods and

finally catch our breath

We drove thru the desert

to follow the stars

That led to the city

of rose’s if you must.


Infinite highways,

They seem like they never end.


Look at all these roads

Where do they all lead?

Let’s see,


All songs written and recorded by Chance Flato and Daniel Whiteneck.


Track 01, 03, 04, 05, 08, 09, 12, 13, 14 mixed by Trent Bell at Bell Labs, Norman OK. 


Tracks 02, 06, 07, 10, 11 mixed by Larry Crane at Jackpot Studio, Portland OR.


Mastered by Hans DeKline at Hans DeKline Mastering, Los Angeles CA.


Photography by Paul Wegman of Swanson Studio & Maarten Kools